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DDF&C donates to Juvenile Diabetes Research

John O'Neil, Timmy O'Neil, Kenny Dickinson, Bill LeClair
The Duxbury Dragons Football & Cheer Program proudly joined the O’Neil Family in their fight against Type 1 Diabetes by selling custom Duxbury t-shirts.  The program donated $1000 to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation  (JDRF) through the sale of these shirts.  Thank you to everyone who contributed! Pictured here are John O’Neil, his son, Timmy, a player on the 6th grade Pee Wee Football Team, Kenny Dickinson, Head Coach of the Pee Wees, and Bill Leclair, president of the Duxbury Dragons Football & Cheer Program.  The shirts are still available through the online store at  Place an order for the holidays!  All proceeds will go directly to the JDRF. 
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Help Fight Juvenile Diabetes
Duxbury Dragons Football and Cheer wishes to support Conor O'Neil...
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by posted 11/15/2014
Help Fight Juvenile Diabetes

Duxbury Dragons Football and Cheer wishes to support Conor O'Neil in his effort to raise money to help find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes. His younger brother Timmy is a player in our program. All proceeds from the sale of this special edition shirt will go to this worthy cause. You may purchase your shirt in our online store today!  Click on the Online Store in the left menu.

Here is Timmy's story:

On December 1, 2013, my brother Timmy was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  This was a shock to my family as none of my relatives have ever had the disease. Dealing with diabetes has been the biggest adversity my family has ever had to face.  It was something that could not be healed by the doctors and it would last the rest of my younger brother's life, unless we can find a cure. Things that we never thought about, such as eating, playing, sports, sleep-overs, all have to be planned out for my younger brother.  Timmy always has a smile on his face and I admire him so much.  As of last December, Timmy has to take insulin every time he eats or drinks, he has to poke his finger to test his blood sugar level and then decide how much insulin he should inject. Somedays, he is poking his finger 10 times and taking glucose tabs to raise low blood sugar levels or taking extra insulin to cover high blood sugar levels.  I have taken classes at Children's Hospital and at Joslin Diabetes Center so I can help Timmy with his diabetes.  This experience has given me a new meaning to life and to my family and how important and precious both are.  One of my goal's is to help find a cure for diabetes. I have participated in the JDRF Walk in Boston on September 27, 2014, to raise money in Timmy's name and for all the other people living with this disease.

Thank You,

Conor O'Neil

by posted 10/01/2014
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