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Please consider donating to help find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes by supporting Conor O'Neil on his walk at the link below.
Timmy's Story
by posted 08/19/2014




This is Timmy's story:

On December 1, 2013, my brother Timmy was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  This was a shock to my family as none of my relatives have ever had the disease. Dealing with diabetes has been the biggest adversity my family has ever had to face.  It was something that could not be healed by the doctors and it would last the rest of my younger brother's life, unless we can find a cure. Things that we never thought about, such as eating, playing, sports, sleep-overs, all have to be planned out for my younger brother.  Timmy always has a smile on his face and I admire him so much.  As of last December, Timmy has to take insulin every time he eats or drinks, he has to poke his finger to test his blood sugar level and then decide how much insulin he should inject. Somedays, he is poking his finger 10 times and taking glucose tabs to raise low blood sugar levels or taking extra insulin to cover high blood sugar levels.  I have taken classes at Children's Hospital and at Joslin Diabetes Center so I can help Timmy with his diabetes.  This experience has given me a new meaning to life and to my family and how important and precious both are.  One of my goal's is to help find a cure for diabetes and I have decided to participate in the JDRF Walk in Boston on September 27, 2014, to raise money in Timmy's name and for all the other people living with this disease.

If you would like to, please consider making a donation through the JDRF website, in hopes of finding a life changing treatment or even better a cure for Timmy and everybody else living with diabetes. Donations can be made on the JDRF website:

Use the DONATE tab and search by LAST NAME- O'Neil and on the 2nd page you will find, my name - Conor and click on the donate button.                                                   

Thank you,  
Conor O'Neil










Welcome to the 2014 season of Duxbury Dragon Football and Cheer!

In many ways 2013 was a successful season.  We had almost 220 boys and girls participate that resulted in many positive experiences.  We had three teams make it to the Super Bowl with Mark Peters D1 Pee Wee team finishing as undefeated Super Bowl Champions.  Jamie Walsh's D5 Mite team got better each week and won their Super Bowl in impressive fashion.  Kenny Dickinson's D5 Pee Wee team came within inches of winning their second Super Bowl crown.  The Cheerleaders, under the direction of Jen Carly, transitioned into a more-advanced program and won an award during their championship competition. We also had success with the addition of a Duxbury High School coach as part of the coaching staff for our 8th grade team.  That will continue this year and will serve to better prepare our boys for competing at the high school level.   Also worth mentioning, our proactive health program continues to pay dividends as our injury rates remain very low. A combination of awareness programs for parents, athletes and coaches, training of coaches, combined with upgraded equipment and utilization of safe and sound techniques, enable our organization to be the flagship program within the Old Colony Youth Football League.  Certainly the future looks bright for our program!

For all of our success we are not without our challenges. We continue to battle skyrocketing fixed costs led by town and school based usage fees for fields, concession stands and indoor facilities. New equipment costs continue to rise, as well. You will notice that we decided to raise prices as one way to offset these fixed costs. We have kept the family maximum at the same level, however. Even with a modest increase from $250 to $300, we will still need to fund raise in order to meet our game day expenses that are close to $2,000 per weekend. Also, a decrease in school enrollment (especially at the younger grades) continues to put pressure on our overall participation rates and, perhaps, even our long-term existence. We need your help to offer guidance to those families considering enrolling their children in our program for the first time.

We recognize we ask a lot of our parents during the season; practice time, financial commitment and volunteering efforts are among those asks. Volunteering continues to be an area that is one of our biggest needs. As you scroll through the online registration process you will notice new tabs. I would like to point out the section designed to have you choose the areas in which you would like to channel your volunteering efforts. We will ask that everyone contributes at least three hours throughout the season. Thank you to those coaches and parents who give much more than their required time. The program could not run without your efforts and dedication.

I would like to welcome and introduce Bill LeClair as next President of DDF&C. Bill is a Duxbury native who played football in this program as a kid and at Duxbury High School. He has been involved with the program as a coach and DDF&C Treasurer. Bill has been a trusted confidant, advisor and friend to me. His thoughtfulness and passion will serve the program and community well.


Mike Siciliano, outgoing President
Bill LeClair, President 


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